VoteSmarterNC Prototyping

VoteSmarterNC is an initiative to provide information to residents of their state representatives' voting habits on bills and resolutions in the North Carolina General Assembly (NCGA).

Current development focuses on building a tool using Python and Scrapy library which extracts data from the NCGA website in a usable format (JSON or CSV) for consumption by developers, journalists, scientists, and interested citizens. Our next immediate goal is to integrate a tool which can migrate this data to a relational database to increase the ease of querying legislative by data scientists and…


OpenBudget Bootstrapping

Ever curious on where the city's budget is being spent? We’ve had the good fortune to work with the City of Charlotte’s Finance department with the FY2016 data they’ve published on the City’s open data portal to start creating visualization tools to better view the City’s budget; though not in the most user-friendly format. With OPENBudget, residents, officials, and other stakeholders gain clear intel on the city of Charlotte's approved budgeting, where each dollar is going, and where it comes from. We'll spare you the trouble of looking at some grueling numbers on a screen….

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Citygram Maintaining

Project Description: Citygram is a geographic notification platform designed to work with open government data. It allows residents to designate area(s) of a city they are interested in and subscribe to one or more topics – for example, you can subscribe to road closures in a 1/2 mile radius around your house.

When an event for a desired topic occurs in the subscriber’s area of interest, a notification (email, SMS, or webhook) is delivered. Citygram is a Code for America project by the Charlotte and Lexington teams for the 2014 fellowship. Why are we doing this? We believe that…

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