Project Description: Citygram is a geographic notification platform designed to work with open government data. It allows residents to designate area(s) of a city they are interested in and subscribe to one or more topics – for example, you can subscribe to road closures in a 1/2 mile radius around your house.

When an event for a desired topic occurs in the subscriber’s area of interest, a notification (email, SMS, or webhook) is delivered. Citygram is a Code for America project by the Charlotte and Lexington teams for the 2014 fellowship. Why are we doing this? We believe that there is an opportunity to help residents better understand what’s going on in their area, when it’s going to happen, and why. By providing timely information to residents in areas that are relevant to them, the city can be proactive instead of reactive, build trust through transparency, and increase civic engagement across the board. Who is this made by? See the contributors list. Technical Overview: Citygram is a web application written in Ruby.

Web: Sinatra, Grape, Sprockets Web Server: Unicorn Database/models: PostgreSQL, PostGIS, Sequel Job Queue: Redis, Sidekiq Tests: RSpec, FactoryGirl, Rack::Test

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