For the state of North Carolina, there are three ways to receive the balance of one’s EBT card (food stamps): on a purchase receipt, through the website or calling the 800-number. Many EBT recipients are without data or internet access. Therefore, each of these options come with accessibility problems.

The solution: By creating an interface that uses both the existing voice notification system for EBT and text messaging, we are able to better serve EBT recipients without needing to redesign the current system. Balance simply calls and goes through the phone tree of prompts for you, then listens to the message and sends you a transcription of the information. Simple, yet effective.

Project Activity

Update #2

This project is being Sunset. It was successful in showing the State of North Carolina the value of providing this service and they have launched Edge, which basically provides a way for users to receive updates via text.

Thank you to everyone that worked on this project and helped us create a successful impact.

Update #1

The coding for this project is completed and at last testing (5/2018) the phone number was working. What this project needs is a marketing guru that wants to push its use into the main stream. We currently believe that the best way to do that is to approach it on a state level and get the adoption for all counties from one approval. Though this has not been attempted.