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Dustin Patrick  Civic'd Update #1

I can't speak for the UI, but here's how the backend is going.

The API was initially built using .NET Framework, which only works on Windows. We more or less completed the API to the point where all that was left was testing. The issue we ran into back in September was with the hosting requirements to run a Windows server were prohibitively expensive. As a result, we started a migration to .NET Core, which is cross-platform. We migrated most of the controllers to .NET Core and are currently trying to figure out authentication on the new platform.

Andrew Natoli (Administrator) Building a Better Place to Collaborate Online

At Open Charlotte our Community Action Nights are where the magic happens; members of the community just like you get together to share and work on their visions for tools and processes that will make life better for the people of our city and sometimes even the nation. We love seeing everyone get together in person but we’ve also noticed our Tuesday evening events can present a barrier to entry. Some volunteers opt to call-in from home to collaborate with their project teams while others may struggle to even get that far. As believers that government and community resources should be open, accessible and friendly to all residents, we want to make sure that we as a platform for that mission are open as well so we’re experimenting with some new online tooling to get there.

Jill Bjers (Administrator) Balance Update #1

The coding for this project is completed and at last testing (5/2018) the phone number was working. What this project needs is a marketing guru that wants to push its use into the main stream. We currently believe that the best way to do that is to approach it on a state level and get the adoption for all counties from one approval. Though this has not been attempted.